Kreatywne Studio - Julia Wiszowata 

My name is Julia Wiszowata - owner of Kreatywne Studio.

I'm a creative photographer, art director and retoucher in one,

ready to help you create unforgettable content for your brand.



Aesthetics is a key word in this case. Who hasn't at least once been tempted to buy something just by looking at pretty pictures? Advances in technology have meant that a nicely presented product results in a greater chance of sales. That is why it is so crucial to choose the right photographer to whom we entrust such an important task - as well as our finances after all.



Sometimes clients already have a vision, but they lack the element of consistency in what they want to convey to their clients, then they turn to us – photographers. I think we should be treated as a real investment in business. We are invisible but also an integral part of your business, we are here for people who are open to new ideas and want to achieve their dream goals.