Kreatywne Studio - Julia Wiszowata 
Kreatywne Studio is a studio whose goal is to create creative visual content and animations for companies on social media, websites (shop) or for printing (catalogs, leaflets, etc.).

In photography, aesthetics is the key word.
Who has not been tempted to buy a product at least once after seeing nice, catchy photos? Due to the advancement in technology, an interestingly presented product results in a greater chance of sale, which is why it is so important to choose the right photographer, to whom we entrust such an important role - as well as our finances.

Sometimes clients already have a vision, but they lack the element of consistency in what they want to convey to their clients, then they turn to us - photographers. I believe that we should be treated as a real investment in business. We are invisible, but also an inseparable element of your companies. We are here for people who are open to new ideas and want to achieve their dream goals.

Julia Wiszowata
CEO of Kreatywna Studio